Web Components are reusable pieces of functionality that integrate with the web platform and can be used just like an <input> or <video> tag (although they don't have to be visible). They are built with JavaScript and HTML.

The technology is defined by four key HTML5 W3C specifications:

Even though these specs make up the concept of Web Components, you don't need browser support for all of them in order to write or use a web component. 

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Writeup of Polymer and Java EE MVC Presentation

The kind folks at RebelLabs have written up my presentation at the Virtual Java User's Group, and also included an interview with me. Check it out on the RebelLabs site.

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Official site


Browser support



webcompomponents.js (all specs)

Skate (custom elements only)

document-register-element (custom elements only)

Libraries to simplify building Web Components

X-Tag (sponsored by Microsoft)

Polymer (sponsored by Google)

Directories of ready-to-use components


Web Components and Polymer Training

Learn all about Web Components and Polymer in a two-day public course in London.

Or, if you want customized on-site training or consulting, contact virtua.tech.