Web Components are reusable pieces of functionality that integrate with the web platform and can be used just like an <input> or <video> tag (although they don't have to be visible). They are built with JavaScript and HTML.

The technology is defined by four key HTML5 W3C specifications:

Even though these specs make up the concept of Web Components, you don't need browser support for all of them in order to write or use a web component. 

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Presentation: Modern Web Apps with HTML5 Web Components, Polymer, and Java EE MVC 1.0

At JavaOne 2015, I gave a two-hour tutorial about how to use Java EE MVC 1.0 (along with JAX-RS) with Polymer. This year I'm presenting a one-hour version at various locations, including the Richmond Java User's Group, the Virtual Java User's Group, and jDays. Links:


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Official site


Browser support



webcompomponents.js (all specs)

Skate (custom elements only)

document-register-element (custom elements only)

Libraries to simplify building Web Components

X-Tag (sponsored by Microsoft)

Polymer (sponsored by Google)

Directories of ready-to-use components


Web Components and Polymer Training

Learn all about Web Components and Polymer in a two-day public course in London.

Or, if you want customized on-site training or consulting, contact virtua.tech.